Spring it on !

So longed for, and it’s finally here. Yes, the season of renewal and inspiration is here to refresh our sense of style. The glimpse of green, budding plants and sunshine through our windows encourages us to start planning for the warm months ahead.

Once the winter gear is inspected, cleaned and stored your refreshed closet space is ready to be filled up with spring and summer clothes and accessories. Raffinée is in full bloom with the styles and colours of the season. We love to encourage a positive and happy outlook all year round and spring is the best time to start.

"Laughter is sunshine, it chases away winter from the human face." Victor Hugo

Some days it may not seem like it, but winter will soon come to an end…maybe. By February we are all tired of being cooped up indoors and relish the thought of warmer months to come. Now that the holiday bills are taken care of (hopefully), we can enjoy this time and chase away those winter blues.

A few suggestions:

Embrace the outdoors - skiing, skating, long walks (on those milder days)

Recharge with friends - enjoy a movie, a long cappuccino and conversation filled with laughter

Get away - fly off somewhere (anywhere) to feel the sun on your skin or to breath in the mountain air

Plan your spring wardrobe - visit Raffinée and start choosing from the spring 2019 arrivals

And remember, spring is just around the corner!

Background Image by Nikolay Biryukov