The world of fashion is a constantly changing phenomenon.  What doesn't change is the search for new and exciting ideas, which can be challenging for designers in today's world.  Fashion most often is affected by events, culture, politics and probably the creative person's moods. The new replaces the old very quickly and designers and creative directors of fashion houses have to keep up  and move forward just as quickly.

People change so it makes sense that fashion changes as well.  The creative results for Fall/Winter 2018 are full of bold beginnings and fresh ideas, and Raffinée has begun to showcase the new collections.  It's going to be a great season!


Sunshine and Attitude

Hello sweet summertime!  We have been waiting with open hearts (and open closets) to let you in.  I'm sure everyone agrees that warm weather dressing frees our minds to a more carefree and breezy attitude. Which is why summer is a state of mind that we should all embrace for a healthy outlook.

Enjoying the summer months and taking a break from our overwhelmed lives is one of the best ways of letting go of built up stress.  So for the sake of your wellbeing and happy state of mind plan a vacation, chill with nature, dance freely and savour the moment.

Raffinée has the clean chic pieces to enjoy the balmy, sunny days and the spirit of summertime. Look great and have fun!




Background Image by Nikolay Biryukov