Wear what makes you feel great!

February, the second month of the year and the last month (hopefully) of the winter season.  Think of this month as an opportunity to continue wearing and enjoying our chic outfits that keep us warm but make us look so cool.

For Raffinée, February is a very exciting month because spring/summer 2018 is arriving with a breath of fresh air. The new season will help us look on the bright side of life, something we all can appreciate today.  Let's escape the gloom, doubt and pessimism and embrace energy, confidence and hopefulness.  

Yes, clothes do make us feel better, so wear what makes you feel great! 

"A new year, a new chapter to be written.

New adventures, encounters, and places perhaps.

We turn the page, looking at the next step in our journey with a febrile imagination.

Impatient to find the characters essential to our story."

(Maison Marie Saint Pierre)


The best gift of all this Christmas and Holiday season is time shared with family and friends.  Months seem to go by with our busy and hectic lives, but for these few weeks of the Festive season enjoying being together is the best gift we can all give and receive. The commercialism that comes with the holidays can easily be swept aside when we sit around a table sharing memories that make us smile. New and cherished memories are made when we are together, so let's all enjoy these special moments.

On this joyful season, Raffinée wishes you happiness and the hope that the year ahead is filled with blessings and peace. 

Background Image by Nikolay Biryukov