A New Season Of Looks

The last precious days of summer are dwindling away and change is on the horizon.  As the seasons transition from summer to winter, in between is glorious Autumn.  Daylight is noticeably shorter and evenings are cooler.  Nature's colours are becoming richer right before our eyes.  

            "Autumn season is almost here, the smell of freshness is oh so near..." --R. Larkin

Raffinée's new Fall/Winter season of beautiful fashion and great accessories is upon us. Looking for a new Fall wardrobe?  We will guide you to be confident in your own personal style with all the options available for the season.  We'll be changing over our closets soon so take some time and look through your clothes and decide what to keep and what to let go of.  This makes it so much easier when you want to add the new pieces for the season.

September is a beautiful month but it can be a little challenging figuring out what to wear with cool mornings changing into very warm afternoons.  The best solution is to layer and mix things up for a refreshed look.  Light jackets and sweaters, and adding scarves over some of your summer favourites are good ideas, and of course stylish flats or funky booties finish the look.

Now is the best time to shop for all the new Fall looks.  Take a peak below and embrace a season of change.

Background Image by Nikolay Biryukov