Sweet dreams are made of spring.

April is starting out a little cooler then we expected (April Fool's indeed!) but it won't last long. Warmer weather and brighter days will come around and springtime will be beautiful everywhere.  Right before our eyes nature begins its renewal with a little help from sunshine and a fresh rainfall and it makes us happy. 

We can all agree that longer, brighter days puts us in good spirits.  This explains why we suddenly feel the need to move and be active, go for long walks or maybe a bike ride to the ice-cream parlour.  Spring definitely has a positive effect on our minds and bodies.

Raffinee's spring season is in full swing!  The new collections definitely make us feel better, in mind and body. It's time to embrace springtime in modern yet timeless styles that define the season, and we welcome you to enjoy all that it has to offer.  Happy Springtime!



Background Image by Nikolay Biryukov