February days of twenty-nine.

We have an extra day to enjoy this month with leap year upon us.  So, a special Happy Birthday to any one born on the 29th!  Your actual birthday every four years should be a special celebration.  For the rest of us, let's think of it as an extra day to prepare for the coming spring season.

We have been enjoying a pretty subdued winter this year, yet the thought of spring still lightens our hearts, especially here at Raffinee.  We love February mostly because the spring 2016 collections have been arriving and the mood is positively sunny!  

Now is the time to start looking ahead and deciding on the outfits and pieces for your warm-weather wardrobe.  Choosing now makes it easier to organize your closet when the season changes.  Your new clothes and accessories can be added to your favourites or they can take the place of those that need to be gently retired.

Remember to scroll to the end and take a peak at some of spring's delights!

One more thing!  Another special event this month, of course, is Valentine's Day.  If your plans are an elegant dinner or a casual pub eatery, we can help you choose the right outfit.  And... let's not limit the celebration of love on just one day.  Let's remember to love unconditionally, love freely, and love because you get love back.

Background Image by Nikolay Biryukov