November plans

There is no time like the present to do things you really enjoy before the Holiday season approaches (and consumes us).  Some of us may seek quiet and comfort in the early darkness and colder weather and others may plan to fill the hours more meaningfully.  Cozy weekends in November can be enjoyed doing absolutely nothing and feeling ok about it too.

Things to do (or not) in November:

Catch up on some good reading - the old-fashioned book way

Enjoy some good tv programs - and there are plenty of good ones and bad ones that are good

Football Sunday, Monday, Thursday, college, fantasy - enough said

Get away for an overnighter - Beautiful Langdon Hall is just off the 401

Decorate for the Holidays - Yes, check those lights before they go up 

Try new recipes - and trying them out on your family is great quality time

Shop for a new winter coat - Raffinee has some great outerwear for the chilly air

So whatever your enjoyment this month, total relaxation or some fun activities, November is the perfect time to ease into the winter season.

Take a peak below at some of those warm and stylish coats  (and remember that you can donate any gently used ones).


Background Image by Nikolay Biryukov