The beauty of a grateful heart

There is so much to enjoy during October, one of the loveliest months of the year.  Personally, I love the cooler temperature mixed in with bright sunny days, porches displaying pumpkins and colourful mums and the leaves falling from the trees.  October gently reminds us that winter is approaching but before we start complaining about that there's Thanksgiving Holiday to enjoy. A time to remind us all to stop for a bit and reflect on what we truly are thankful for in our lives.

If we take a moment and stop and think what we are grateful for, it may lighten the burden of our often very busy lives. Certainly, many of us place health, family, and friends on top of the list.  But little things like enjoying a walk or sitting down for a meal without a cell phone nearby is just like saying "thank you" to this special life we have.  The more we enjoy the simple things in life, the more we fill our hearts with gratitude.

Happy Thanksgiving to everybody from Raffinèe.

Background Image by Nikolay Biryukov