September days are here!

Summer days are coming to an end, and the excitement of a new season starts in this ninth month of the year.  In September our lives get back to a routine that is almost tangible on the Tuesday after Labour Day.  Not only are students back to school, but also people approach their jobs with a fresh attitude towards their everyday responsibilities.

Life, however is an enjoyment even with routine and the ending of summer because there is always something to look forward to.

1.  The changing colours and the sounds of fall - it's a symphony of crickets, crackling fires and rustling leaves.

2.  Cool evenings - sitting outside with a glass of fine port and some jazz playing in the background.

3.  Football season - something for the guys!

4.  Snuggling during a chilly morning - with that extra hour of sleep!

5.  Raffinee - ready to make you look fabulous with this season's fall fashion.

And fashion is at it's best for this fall.  For a sign of how important fall/winter fashion is just look at the size (and weight!) of this month's issues of magazines like Vogue, In Style and Harper's Bazaar. These encyclopedias of the fashion industry convince us even more to embrace the coming autumn season.

Yes, summer is almost over, but take a peek below and embrace the change!

Background Image by Nikolay Biryukov