May in full bloom

It has been a little slow for spring to arrive this year, but we can finally believe it.  The month of May offers us glorious sunlight and warm breezes (and some rain of course).  Soon gardens will be in full bloom to brighten our homes.

Raffinee  has been in full bloom and ready for spring and summer, and our customers are loving it!  The new season has been a hit!  From feminine dresses in luxurious white fabrics to colourful separates in vivid prints.  Come in and enjoy this spectacular season.

Remember, May is also the time to celebrate a special human being, mom.  We would like to thank the women out there who have love in their heart for their children and for other people's children.

This month in our "take a peak below" slideshow we wanted to share something interesting.  The fabulous Chiara Boni dresses we feature (La Petite Robe) are also worn on ET Canada.  The chic colour block dress with the big polka dots is in store this season.

Enjoy and Happy May!

Background Image by Nikolay Biryukov