April is definitely time to refresh, renew and rejoice! Winter has passed (finally!) and now we can look forward to everything that comes with the spring sunshine. Time to freshen up our homes, our gardens and our closets.

Your home will be happy with a good dose of spring cleaning and maybe a fresh coat of paint.  The garden will be ready for flowers, plants and vegetables with some healthy black earth and your closet?  Well let's just say that the happiest will be your closet!

Now is the time to perk it up by storing away the cool weather clothes and getting the racks and shelves ready for the warm weather ones.  Remember to go through everything before you do the switchover.  Maybe it's time to let go of some of those favourite pieces that look a little too worn.  Same goes for the clothes that haven't been worn for a few years.  Special ones can be stored away and revisited at a later time.

This spring Raffinee has the clothes that will refresh and renew your closet.  Best of all, it will be you who will rejoice and fall in love with all the beautiful choices.

Take a peek below at some of this spring's delights, and remember to be joyful!

Background Image by Nikolay Biryukov