Bye, Bye winter!

Soon spring will be upon us and we will rejoice. (In a few weeks. we hope!)  March is known to be unpredictable with milder temps mixing in with sloppy colder ones.  The good news is that Raffinee is always a breath of fresh air.  We love having our customers come in to enjoy everything new and exciting in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

It is definitely the time to get out and experience what the 2015 Spring and Summer collections have to offer.  From beautiful dresses for upcoming springtime events to chic separates that make a bold statement for any occasion.  All in patterns, colours and styles that create a unique mix that never cease to amaze us at Raffinee. 

Thank you to everyone that is following us on Facebook and Instagram.  What a fun and unique opportunity to share new fashion ideas and to communicate with our customers!

Take a peak below for some of our spring looks.  And remember, we are not stuck in winter forever!  Come in and splurge on someone special.  You.



Background Image by Nikolay Biryukov