"Be gentle with yourself, you're doing the best you can."

All mothers deal with guilt, especially working mothers.  I believe most women do their job well inside and outside the home.  When at work they are also thinking of what has to be done at home, and when at home they are thinking of what has to be tackled on the job!  It's a struggle inside of women that never goes away.  Working while raising children and maintaining a smooth running home is not easy and at times very overwhelming.  Yet, we manage to find the strength and perseverance to get things done.

     "I think if you love what you do, and the choice you've made in your life, somehow that drives you forward to enjoy it all.  Even the chaos, even the exhaustion of it, and even when it seems out of balance." - Angelina Jolie, actress/mother of 6

What I wish for all working women out there (and in my opinion, "stay at home moms" are also hard working women) is to embrace their chaotic and stressful lives because their roles as working mothers and caring mothers are extraordinary!

Here at Raffinee we want to celebrate all women who work hard in every area of their lives. Of course we want you to look great too!

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