At Raffinee we believe that beautiful clothes make everybody look and feel better.  High end or low end, today's fashion in our highly globalized world offers so many choices in clothing, footwear and accessories.  However, as in everything in life, there is work involved to make your stylish pieces look great on you.  We put together some of our own fashion rules which we hope you may enjoy.  Remember, fashion has become very important, so why not get it right by following Raffinee's fashion tips on how to look good.

1.  Know yourself.  Be realistic about your body measurements.  Really, who cares if that great fitting dress is a size 10 instead of the 8 you usually wear.

2.  Take care of your items.  Clothes should be clean with no stains or loose threads or buttons.  Well groomed clothes last longer in your wardrobe, especially favourite pieces.

3.  Foundation garments. Also known as underwear/shapewear. Wearing the right bra or undergarments allows clothes to fall just right and helps to smooth areas we want smoothing.

4.  Alterations are very important.  An ill-fitting jacket or too long pant legs look sloppy (I don't care how many celebrities think they look cool with dragging hems!).  Clothes should be tailored to your body.

5.  Own a great topper.  A sleek blazer, a cleanly proportioned overcoat, or a cool leather jacket worn over simple basics or feminine pieces. They are versatile and pull everything together.

6.  Statement jewelry.  Consider bold jewelry to finish a great outfit. But it also just takes one great piece like a wide gold cuff for example, to make a basic outfit look perfect.

7.  A vertical line.  Be mindful of how stripes, zippers, or seams look on your body type.  A basic rule to give length and a slimmer look is to have a centre vertical line.  It's an optical illusion but it does work.

8.  The perfect jeans.  Buying jeans can be very stressful, but once you find the style that best suits your body it's a great staple in your wardrobe.  Jeans can be worn in so many ways, dressed up or down, so it is definitely worth trying on the many pairs to find the best.

9.  A great haircut.  This is actually not a fashion tip, but it sure makes the whole look come together!  You may be wearing a chic outfit, but a good haircut is the point of departure.

10.  Purge.  Letting go is hard, but you can't keep holding on to clothes you will never wear again.  Unless they are items that will stand the test of time and be great vintage pieces later on (or for future fashionistas), they must move out.  Donating items or passing them on to friends who admired them will make you feel better.




Background Image by Nikolay Biryukov