I asked some of my female friends to give me their reasons why they enjoy shopping.  Here are some interesting answers:

1.  It's a good way to relieve stress. 

2.  It's fun and a great way to spend time with friends.  Perhaps, ending the day with a cup of coffee, or even better, a glass of wine.

3. Well, we just love clothes and shoes and handbags and accessories. 

4.  What?  We need a reason? 

Yes, most women (not all) love to shop.  I know a few male buddies who enjoy it too.  However, regardless of the reason, most women enjoy shopping like most men enjoy watching a live sports event.   

Daniel Kruger, an evolutionary psychologist at the University of Michigan has an interesting insight on this subject.  It all began while he and his wife were on a European vacation with other couples.  This is what he had to say: 

     "We thought, 'Why do you want to go shopping?  You can go shopping anywhere.  There's a thousand years of culture here'...They were adamant.  They put their foots down.  They took the credit cards and left."

He and the other husbands just couldn't comprehend this. 

He believes women are drawn to shopping like men are drawn to sports.  The reason being, it is the difference between the sexes that developed way, way back.  Our male ancestors were hunters looking for meat to feed everyone, and the females of that early time were the gatherers, foraging for other foods and plants and twigs and stones. 

So, this may explain why the modern hunters (men) go in a store, buy what they came for and leave.  The modern gatherers (women) go in a store and sort through items, observing different colours and textures. 

I think this theory may help men and woman better understand each other, and limit arguments that surround shopping.  I guess we are just wired that way!  So when we are travelling to beautiful places and we immediately want to go shopping, perhaps our husbands or partners will understand that impulse.  Makes for a great vacation! (Tongue firmly in cheek).  

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