"Travel is more than seeing of sights, it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living." -Miriam Beard

In today's world, travelling can be exciting, fun, stressful and frustrating.  Fun and exciting because of escaping everyday life and taking the time to explore new things.  Stressful and frustrating because of added security, delays and cancellations, and heaven forbid, loss or delay of your luggage.

On a positive note, today's travel is easily researched and reserved with on-line booking.  However, with baggage restrictions and added fees, people have become much more savvy and practical when packing.  In doing so, travel is all about the destination and the experience in a new and exciting place.

Here are a few tips that may help  to make your adventure a little easier:

1.  Think of what you want to wear each day and spread it on your bed.  Visualizing your items helps to make choices.

2.  Always start with a colour plan.  Solids and prints in the same colour spectrum will help with mixing and matching.  Black or white or navy for example, with a splash of colour thrown in by a scarf, accessory, shoes or handbag.

3.  Take basics that include tops or blouses and a pair of jeans or linen pants (or cute shorts). Sundresses that pack easily are good choices, but remember a little jacket or scarf for the air-conditioned places.  That jacket or scarf will also work for the plane ride with the always changing cabin temperatures. 

4.  For the evening sights or dinner times, a dress always works.  We are in the fashion era of dresses which makes it easy to find one or two that looks good and travels well. Or, you may choose to not change for the evening and just add some bold jewelry and that boldly patterned scarf.

5.  Shoes.  Oh boy.  a female's travel dilemma!  Really, we can adjust with just a few pairs.  One for travel will work for your daytime sightseeing and exploring.  We can also sneak in a couple of pairs of sandals or espadrilles that will go with different outfits. (silent sigh!)

5.  Of course, you have to make room for your toiletries, electronics, books and a few extra pieces of clothing in your carry-on in case of luggage trouble.

6.  A check list always helps!  Bon voyage!

Background Image by Nikolay Biryukov