It soon will be cold outside and to get ready for the chilly weather, the season's important fashion staple is the coat.   It certainly can make you feel better if you are dreading the cold months ahead.  I, personally, love the winter. Some don't understand my love for the cold weather, but there are so many reasons to enjoy this season.  Here are a few of mine:

1.  the fresh feeling of the cold air

2.  rosy cheeks on the faces of children

3.  earl grey tea

4.  snow on tree branches

5.  delicious soups and stews

6.  holiday get-togethers

7.  the silence after a heavy snowfall

8.  staying in, cozy and warm

9.  going outdoors to clean up that heavy snowfall (yes I enjoy shoveling) 

10.  sweaters, boots and coats 

This winter, a solid and exciting wardrobe needs a stylish coat to be worn over everything.  When conditions are freezing, rainy, sleeting and snowy, the new coats of the season are a must.  Adding great hats, gloves, wrap-around scarves and boots makes for some cool-looking, bundled-up fashion. 





Modeling these black and winter white stunners by Pennyblack and Flavio Castellani are Brandi Rivait, Yoga therapist ( and Alessia Frighetto of Transition To Betterness.

Raffinee has a great selection of toppers that are sure to make a personal statement since, for most women a coat is a long-term relationship.  Also, with so many gorgeous options to choose from, it may very well be a multiple-coat season! 


Background Image by Nikolay Biryukov